This LASLI Portal Help Center is designed to provide technical support on how to use the LASLI Portal. The LASLI Portal Help Center is available by clicking on the oval button in the right-hand corner of your screen with the word "Help".  The LASLI Portal Help Center has the following options

  • You can click blue help bubble in the lower right hand corner, and either search our online guide or choose "Leave Us A Message" and open a support ticket
  • You can also visit the full LASLI Help Center and enter a search phrase and view our online guide here
  • You can open a support ticket for technical support here
  • You can also visit a complete list of our FAQs

For questions regarding surplus lines eligibility and filing requirements, please reference the “FILING REQUIREMENTS GUIDE LIST OF APPROVED SURPLUS LINE INSURERS (LASLI)” on the Surplus Line Association of California’s website.

You may also visit the California Department of Insurance website here.